Making a wind turbine

This is a booklet designed to explain how the wind turbine made to powers my website works.

Glass lamp

GLASS LAMP PRODUCT DESIGN Eindhoven 2023 work in progress Assignment for the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Bien Hoa

BIEN HOA PRODUCT DESIGN Eindhoven – 2023 Inspired from his father’s hometown, Matis condenses his Vietnamese cultural heritage and reinterprets traditional Asian architecture.  The Bien Hoa stool subtly intertwines lines, showcasing the natural beauty of wood.


L’OXYMORE DESIGN Eindhoven – 2023 Inspired by medieval French furniture, the Oxymore is a playful shelf that navigates the contrast between danger and the necessity of approaching it for use. metal treated to resist oxidation – removable spike

Snow white

SNOW WHITE FRUIT CONTAINER – PRODUCT DESIGN Eindhoven 2022 Where do the fruits grow ?On a building ?Do they come out the tap ?Are they falling from an helicopter ? No, they grow on trees ! What could be more logical than a tree fruit holder ?

What is the color of poison ?

Inside the television is a block of ground taken from the mound created by the landfill. Life is here. Plants grow and trees populate the landfill. However, this land is highly polluted and around there are walking paths with dogs and cultivated fields… What is the color of poison ART INSTALLATION Eindhoven – 2022 What’s …

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